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oldestprevCorky spotted dining out

20 Febuary 2010  by- CD


Evading the usual press entourage, Corky was able to enjoy a relatively quiet night out for a change at The Loggerheads, about four miles north of Market Drayton, Shropshire. "The snappin earser well kept saycret but arm shooer they wunner marnd if are let that cat iter the bag." said a satisfied Corky afterwards, adding "Many pubs nowerdees owe lowk the same, juss machines turny nite the same owd crud. Theyt marter swell goo MacDonalds. Theers still some left we'abitter character abitem an this is wunonem- w'proper bayer anowe."

"Dunner bay shy lad. Are may be world famous, but they con serve may juss lark any other normal dog city none the bar."
"Arve never sayn such huge plates, anweirs me doggy bag wun are nade it."
"Nar let may say. Are think arl goofer the fost thray."
"Ascot any cheowy sticks t'goo w'icecrame? Bafe flavourul bay good."
"Anwhale theyst atit, Arl avver galloner Abbots anowe."
"They conner baiter nice warm fire t'curl upter fer the nate, anner triower sausages sounds good fer supper."

Situated in the village of Loggerheads, on the A53 between Newcastle-under-Lyme and Market Drayton, this unassuming pub does not seem to be well publicised. There doesn't even appear to be a website, which is unusual nowadays. But it's worth a visit if you like real ale and real food.

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