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17 April 2010

What ash?

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17 April 2010  by- CD

Could banning air travel cause global warming?

Well it used to be the wrong kind of leaves, but the flavour of this month is the wrong kind of ash. Whilst thousands of people are stuck in airport lounges all over the world, residents of Madeley are taking full advantage of some rather unexpected extra sunshine.

A more normal scene with a sky full of contrails blocking out the sun.

There seems to be a contradiction here, as environmentalists hark on about the damaging contribution air travel makes to global warming, a heat wave seems to have descended upon us- at the very moment all aircraft were grounded. The reason for this apparent paradox is, quite literally, clear. A quick glance upwards tells us all we need to know- but there's nothing to see except blue sky, you might say- well exactly, no contrails, nothing. The sky is normally covered in them, so there is only one conclusion that can be drawn: no aircraft = more sun = warmer weather.

So, dust off your kiss-me-quick hats and come to sunny Madeley, all are welcome, even pilots, and make the most of it, as with all good things, it can't last.

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