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04 December 2009

Lea Hall demolished


24 December 2009

What snow?

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08 January 2010  by- CD

Madeley, Moss Lane, Burst water main causes havoc.

Of course we spoke too soon, it was all too good to last. Just when it looked like nothing ever happens in sunny Madeley, a prolonged cold spell got its way in the end. A fractured water main made life even more difficult for long suffering motorists- what with a plefora of road works and all, but help was soon at hand when a cunning plan was hatched to save the day.

We all know that cones have a place in the scheme of things, and this was a situation taylor-made for their deployment. Strategically placed with unerring accuracy, the drama was nipped in the bud before you could say Jack Frost. Well, that's sorted that, and we can all sleep a little more soundly tonight, knowing that everything is under control- sweet dreams.

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