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04 December 2009

Lea Hall demolished


24 December 2009

What snow?

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Old village hall is no morenextlatest

17 November 2009  by- CD

Madeley village hall is demolished as the go-ahead is finally given for a new developement, which will include a new community centre serving the Madeley area. The developement will extend over adjacent land, and Lea Hall which will also be demolished. This should mean a great improvement over existing facilities but Corky was none too happy about it.

"Norappy w'demolishin it, theystaff grind bricks t'dust anowe"

"Are conner say wut wussup w'owedun, ate sir waster money if they ask may. Annate inner rate, theer annerer patch agrain seef anywier, wiers fair gonner goo nar withiter fairgrind? Are lowk forrud t'fair every year an are shudnaf goo Blackpowl furrer ride."

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