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23 July 2010


Pool gets make-over

Madeley Pool is now the envy of fishing venues all over the country. "Home from home", "I could sleep for hours", "Angler's heaven", were just some of the many compliments heard drifting over a typically tranquil afternoon as anglers arrived in droves to take advantage of the renovated facilities.

Banks being repaired for the benefit of anglers.

Click HERE for more pictures of Madeley Pool.

17 April 2010


What ash?

A sunny ash free Madeley welcomes all pilots...

02 February 2010


Road works reach new heights

Welcome to the road works capital of the universe...

Leak causes more traffic disruption

       08 January 2010

A prolonged cold spell takes it's inevitable toll...

What snow?

       24 December 2009

Amidst the chaos unfolding around us, there seems to be nothing happening at the moment here in sunny Madeley- no snow blizzards, no trains stuck in tunnels, no traffic jams...

Lea Hall demolished

       04 December 2009

There's now two piles of rubble as Lea Hall bites the dust...

Old village hall is no more

       17 November 2009

Madeley village hall is demolished as the go-ahead is finally given for a new developement, which will include a new community centre serving the Madeley area- but Corky's not happy...


A big step forward toward completing the site, the news pages have been made easier to navigate, and to archive material. All that they need now is plenty of articles to fill them. Not a lot happens in Madeley, but if you have a good story to tell, or a snippet of local news to report, and you'd like to contribute, you can get in touch via the GUESTBOOK.

Anything relating to Madeley or the surrounding area, North Staffordshire and the Potteries Dialect, the weather, Corky's exploits, or even just a good yarn, would be considered for publication.

Due to overwhelming demand Corky has finally agreed to go on line. His adoring public have waited a long time for this moment and expectations are high. Site building progress can be seen to the right. The World awaits....

Corky, apart from being very wise, handsome, and modest, is well traveled, has an opinion on just about everything, and he knows a lot of stuff- at least that's what he's always telling his fans! Hope you enjoy this site....

What's Corky been up to

20 Febuary 2010


Corky spotted dining out

Yes, it has been confirmed. No decoy, no stunt double. This was the real Corky seen out and about in Loggerheads, near Market Drayton...

27 August 2009


Corky makes unannounced pub inspection

The peace and tranquility of a quiet village pub was shattered today...

21 August 2009


Corky makes bid for snooker's most prestigious event

The snooker world is bracing itself for the possible return of The "Typhoon"...


26 July 2010

NEWS pages now upgraded. If you'd like to contribute, contact us via the GUESTBOOK.

16 November 2009

A guestbook has now been set up on the Contact page, so feel free to make an entry.

04 November 2009

The Gallery pages are now approaching completion and the first images have been added. Also, the whole site has been reworked for a better look and easier navigation.

08 September 2009

Work has started on integrating Corky's Weather pages into the main site. The first page has been completed, with the rest following soon.

28 August 2009

News page now on line. This will take some time to fully populate, but should be completed over next few weeks.

20 August 2009

The Weather Station is now operational and it's temporary home can be found HERE.

12 August 2009

Website created! Here we go....


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