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Do you have a story or news item that might be of interest to visitors of this site?
For example, this could be anything related to Madeley or the surrounding area, North Staffordshire and the Potteries Dialect, the weather, Corky's exploits, or even just a good yarn.

Do you have any images that you think would go well in our GALLERY, or would form the basis of an interesting article?

In either case, you're most welcome to contact us as above for your material to be considered for publication.


Don't worry, your not alone. North Staffordshire has a very distinct dialect which can be perplexing to visitors. So work is in progress on a translation that hopefully, will be published soon.


but work is well underway and the Guestbook is now operational.

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Saturday, 24. February 2018 18:48
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Location: Florida
Sunday, 13. September 2015 14:15 IP:

Hi CLive loved looking at garden pics brought back memories of how mum loved it!
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Wednesday, 1. January 2014 06:20 IP:

Wow, lovely website. Thnx ...
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Location: Casette D'ete
Friday, 24. May 2013 20:53 IP:

Amazing! I'm truly enjoying the layout of your site. Are you using a custom made theme or is this freely available to all users? If you do not want to say the name of it out in the general public, please be sure to email me at: I'd love to get my hands on this theme! Kudos.

Admin: The graphics and content have all been custom designed by Clive Doney, the website's creator. We have no problem in you copying the style- just give us due credit on your webpages- and maybe a link- good luck.
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Sunday, 5. May 2013 05:02 IP:

Amazing Website, Continue the excellent work. Thank you.
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Sunday, 9. December 2012 08:19 Host:

The authoritative message :), funny...
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Location: Florida
Thursday, 30. August 2012 14:26 IP:

Just stopped by to say Hi and to see what you are up too.. what a cool site.. Chrissy
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Location: Greenland
Wednesday, 11. April 2012 12:41 IP:

Hello, I am eager to find guestbook on you site, care for you site up to date and I visit you again and again
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to site  
Location: to site
Saturday, 27. August 2011 14:12 IP:

Beautiful site!
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Location: Florida
Thursday, 25. March 2010 07:16 IP:

Like to see some pics. of the "White Lion" if you have some.Thanks Chris

Corky: Which White Lion dust want? Theers thighsands onem rindear.
2) IP logged  Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.1; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729) 
Location: fl
Saturday, 21. November 2009 17:03 IP:

Hi Clive love the web site and pics, well done
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Location: UK
Monday, 16. November 2009 18:04 IP:

Arm playsed tbay the fost tmack a mark In mar very own guess bowk. Theyst con mack thee own mark theesen nar, annal bay lowkin forrud teraidin yer comments.
Arl say thee sown.

Admin: A translation may be required- I'm pleased to be the first to make a mark in my very own guestbook. You can make your own mark yourself now, and I'll be looking foward to reading your comments.
Bye for now.
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